San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

Hey everyone!  This is a little late, but finally got around to editing some shots I took at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade earlier this month.  Supposedly it’s the largest one outside of Asia and Cirque du Soleil was performing.  Unfortunately did not get to see them because I tried to avoid the crazy crowds on BART, but it was still fun!


I’ve been wanting to go to the parade ever since I moved up to Berkeley, but midterms are the actual worst and always happen and I never got to go.  So here we are, four and a half years later.

I dragged Cliff with me, but, of course, I got distracted on the way there by the views of the city at night, so we stopped to get some fun shots.  If the roads are blocked off for the parade, obviously you’re going to run into the middle of the empty street to get some cool pictures right?

At least Cliff and I had the same idea.  And of course he stole my camera and tried to make me pose around the city.

After we finally made it to the parade, we ran up to his office on California street to get a nice aerial view since I’m way too short to see over the crowds.

And, of course, you can’t forget the dragons.  Since we were so high up, we couldn’t tell if this was the main dragon or not since there were so many, but I’m just going to go ahead and pretend it was.  Overall, this was definitely one of the more unique and relaxing parade experiences I’ve head.  Would highly recommend watching parades from buildings instead of standing on the ground for hours in the cold.  Thanks Cliff!  And Happy Year of the Rooster everyone!


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