Golden Bears in Cambridge



Day 5:  Cambridge!  Today we also met up with Chun Man, another friend from college who’s studying at Cambridge for the year as well (please ignore my awful selfie taking skills).

We started off the day at King’s College, the fanciest and probably one of the better known colleges of Cambridge (they have a college system within their university where students live and have small group teaching sessions).  Many of the colleges within the school have their own chapels and their own bars as well.

Chun Man and Ben took us into several of the colleges in Cambridge so we could see how different they all were.  But first, since we’re all math (or maths, I guess, since we’re in the U.K. now) and science nerds, we made a point to stop by The Eagle (the pub where Watson and Crick first announced the discovery of the “secret of life”) and the Cavendish Lab (home to famous physicists such as James Maxwell and J.J. Thompson).

Next was on to Pembroke and Darwin Colleges.  Pembroke is apparently known for its amazing food cooked by a Michelin star chef – sadly we did not get to try.  Maybe one day.  Darwin is the graduate-only college, built several centuries after some of the older colleges and with much more wild nature on the campus.

Finally, we made it to Ben’s home college – Trinity College.  Chun Man’s college – Churchill – was sadly too far out of the way since Cambridge is so spread out.  Trinity is a college composed largely of math and science majors, so of course they have a statue of Newton in their church since he was a fellow at the college.

Our last stop among the colleges was St. John’s College, home to the Bridge of Sighs, a replica of the famous bridge in Venice.  According to Chun Man, there are only three of them in the world and it’s said to have that name because students sigh as they walk across the bridge to go to class.

And, of course, you can’t visit friends without grabbing a solid meal to catch up over.  And you can’t visit England without trying the Indian food, which had way more curry options than I was used to.  I tried one of their specialties – a fruity curry with lychee called the “Darjeeling curry.”  Sounded like a hit or miss fusion but tasted great, and the best part – it was mild enough for whatever little spice tolerance I have (basically none).

With that, we grabbed some snacks (the famous Chelsea buns from Fitzbillie’s courtesy of Ben) and hopped on the train to head off to the English countryside.


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