(Un)Palatable Experiences

Day 12!  This will be a short one since it was Ben’s turn to explore Reykjavik and we ended up at some places that I already covered earlier.  We did do a little bit of catching up on our calorie intake, though, so if you love food, this one’s for you!

First stop:  more hot dogs.  We tried to go to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, the most famous hot dog stand in Reykjavik (seriously, Bill Clinton and Anthony Bourdain were here), but the line was insane, so we just went to a nearby gas station instead.  This station did let us get potato salad on our hot dogs, though, so we still got to try something new.  And let me tell you, potato salad on a hot dog is a great combination.

Next, it was off to Iceland’s weekend flea market, Kolaportið.  The flea market is split into a food section and a miscellaneous items section, selling everything from old Icelandic postcards and books to fish scale jewelry and everything in between.  A great place to get souvenirs if you happen to be in town over the weekend!

Unsurprisingly, we spent most of our time in the food section.  Li and Ben tried Kæstur hákarl, a fermented shark that’s a national dish of Iceland.  I was on video and Snapchat duty so I didn’t get any pictures of their reactions, but let’s just say they threw away the rest of the tiny container. No offense to any native Icelanders out there.

I was not down to try the shark since I wasn’t sure if I would be allergic to shark as well as fish (a sad allergy to have when you’re traveling to Iceland).  I did try some of the different salts and syrups that they seem to have all over Iceland, though.  Probably a pretty touristy industry, but hey they were good!  Especially the syrups.  I don’t think my taste buds are refined enough to taste the difference between the salts.

After we dropped Ben off at the airport, I managed to drag Li to Kringlan, the local mall, to souvenir hunt.  I got no souvenirs, but I did manage to get the ice cream I was craving.  I was being indecisive as usual, so I just got what everybody in front of me was getting since it seemed to be popular there:  vanilla ice cream dipped in caramel sauce.  Honestly, I was just pretty amused by how perfect the swirls were and how much they look like the poop emoji (yes, I swear I’m 22).  It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth and probably gave me a few cavities, too.

We were also planning on going out to experience Reykjavik nightlife, but we were both cold and tired, so we ended up at the Vínbúðin (the alcohol store chain that’s the only legal alcohol vendor in Iceland).  We grabbed any random Icelandic beer that caught our eye and spent the evening chatting over beers and dinner.  I personally was a fan of the two Einstök beers.  I generally like white ales because I’m not much of a beer person, so that one was a plus.  The other, the Einstök Wee Heavy, had the most unique taste, brewed with the Icelandic angelica herb.   All in all, not a bad way to spend a cold winter night in Iceland.


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